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AR Testing Rules 

1. You are to only test on books that you only test on books that you have actually read. 

2. You are only to test under your own name. 

3. Test questions and answers are confidential; you are not to share answers or questions with anyone else. 

4. Once you begin the test, you are not to open your book. 

5. Stay away from anyone who is testing. 

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1st Offense 

*Anyone caught cheating will earn a zero for that test/tests which will bring down their average and word/point count 

*They will be excluded from AR incentives, including the end of year field trip.  

*Will only be allowed to test under the supervision of teacher or librarian 

*Parent contact. 

2nd Offense: 

*Referral to the office. 

*All tests and points will be zeroed out.  

*Parent conference.  

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